USA Water Polo Sanctioned Event Photo ID Checking Procedure

Coaches MUST check-in with Officials or Tournament Host upon arriving on deck for 

game. All efforts will be made to check IDs at halftime OR between the 3rd

of the previous game.

1.) Coach to provide copy of USAWP Verified Team Roster to referees. Verified Roster will 

be given to desk and will be attached to official scoresheet. It will not be returned. 

2.) Participants should line up on pool deck in numerical order with acceptable form* of 

photo ID in hand. Athletes should either have their game cap on, or in hand. 

3.) Referee will call each athlete and coach forward for participant check-in; beginning with 

Team Staff members, circling or checking off each confirmed participant. 

 If an athlete is not ready with ID in hand when his/her team is being checked; 

athlete’s cap will be held at scorer’s table until there is a distinct break with which 

the referee can review the athlete’s identification and distribute the cap. 

Referee should match the picture with the participant as they are called forward 

- If picture is not very easily recognizable (as determined by the ref) please ask participant 

to confirm date-of-birth. 

- If picture is not recognizable at all, member will not be able to participate in that game 

until they can provide a proper photo ID. 

- If NO picture is on ID and athlete is 12 years old or younger, a parent must show their ID 

to vouch for the member. Parent should also confirm date of birth of the athlete with the 


- If no picture is on ID and member is OVER the age of 12, they will not be able to 

participate in that game until they can provide a photo ID. Parents ID voucher will not 


f member ID does not match player on roster, or no photo ID is provided, member will not 

be able to participate even if you personally know them. The member cannot be added back 

to the roster until they can provide a clear, acceptable form of photo ID. The athlete must 

give their assigned cap to the scoring table until a proper form of photo identification is 

received and accepted. If this occurs during the course of play, member is to check in with 

the scoring table during the next quarter break. Compliance is mandatory. Any violation is 

subject to immediate disqualification. 

 *Acceptable forms of ID (headshot photos must be clear and recent) 

- State- or Government-Issued Identification Card 

- State-issued Drivers License 

- USA Water Polo Membership Identification Card

- School-Issued Identification Card 

- Passport 

 Permanent; Temporary; OR via smart phone access to membership account